Take a look at the most frequent concerns our customers have: 

I only have a small bathroom
A common worry is that a bathroom is not very large. It is not a problem. The trays come in a wide range of sizes and many of the shower doors can fold back to the wall to allow for wheelchair access.

How do you make the shower area?
Level entry shower areas have no trip hazards and waterproof flooring. The waterproof flooring covers the entire floor area. A tray fits underneath the floor, creating your shower area. The trays are suitable for fitting in concrete or wooden floors.

How big will the shower tray be?
Shower tray sizes range from 900x900mm (that is 3' x 3') up to 1800x700mm (that is 6' x 2'3"). Trays can be cut, if needed, to suit the size of your room.

What about my bathroom tiles?
You can have tiles or aqua panels around your shower area. If you would like to keep your existing bathroom tiles that is fine. We will try to match them as closely as possible. A popular solution is to create a separate shower area using aqua panels.

Do you supply wash hand basins and toilets?
Yes, Adpations offer a wide range of toilets (including raised height WCs) and basins along with vanity units, lever taps, radiators and showers. We will do as much or a little as you would like.